Update 19-09-01_CheckEcu - Turrin Elettronica S.R.L.

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LICENSE 19.09.01

Airbag Section added

Gear Box Section added
Audi-Volkswagen GearBox Temic DQ200
Audi-Volkswagen GearBox Temic hytronic VL381F

Virgin/Immo Section added
Alfa 147 ME 7.3.1 eeprom - Virgin
Alfa Mito Marelli 8GMF eeprom - Virgin Reset
Bmw EDC16C31 eeprom - Reset
Bmw EDC16C35 eeprom 95640 - Reset
Fiat Punto ME7.3H4 eeprom 95080 - Virgin Reset
Fiat Marelli 9DF eeprom - Reset
Fiat,Alfa,Lancia Bosch EDC16 C39 eeprom - Virgin
Fiat 500L Marelli 8GS - virgin
Fiat Tipo Bosch EDC17 C69 eeprom - Virgin
Iveco Bosch EDC16 C39 eeprom - Reset
Lancia EDC15 C7 eeprom 95P08 - Virgin
Mercedes EDC15 C6 95P08 - Virgin
Opel Marelli 6O3 mem 95320
Opel Bosch ME 7.6.2 eeprom - Virgin
Opel Bosch EDC16 CP33 eeprom - Virgin
Renault,Nissan Bosch EDC16 C3,EDC16 CP33
Renault Bosch EDC15 C13 95P08 - Reset
Seat Ibiza Marelli IAW 4HV - Reset
Volkswagen Siemens PCR 2.1 eeprom - Reset
Volvo XC90 Bosch ME 7.0.1 eeprom - Reset

Abarth 595 ME17.3.10 Flash - Immo
Alfa Romeo Marelli 8GMF Flash - Immo
Alfa Romeo Bosch MED 17.3.3 Flash - Immo
Audi-Vw-Seat EDC15P+24C04 - Immo
Citroen EDC16C34 eeprom - Immo
Citroen EDC17C10 flash - Immo
Fiat Marelli 4AF,4EF eeprom - Immo
FAL Marelli 6F3,8Fx,9DF,9GF Flash - Immo
FAL Bosch EDC16 C39,EDC17 C49,EDC17 C69 Flash - Immo
Fiat Bosch EDC15C2 95P08 eeprom - Immo
Fiat Bosch EDC15C7 flash - Immo
Fiat Punto Bosch ME7.3H4 flash - Immo
Iveco Daily EDC17CV41 flash - Immo
Iveco EDC16C8 eeprom - Immo
Iveco EDC16C39 flash - Immo
Jeep EDC17C49 flash - Immo
Jeep EDC17C79 flash - Immo
Maserati Ghibli EDC17 C69 flash - Immo
Mini MEV 17.2 flash - Immo
Nissan Bosch EDC15 C3 95P08 - Immo
Opel Movano EDC17C11 flash - Immo
Opel EDC17C18 flash - Immo
Opel Marelli 6JO 95320 - Immo
Peugeot,Citroen EDC17 C60 flash - immo
Peugeot Sagem S2000 95080-95160 eep - Immo
Porsche 996 ME7.8 95P08 eeprom - Immo
Renault EDC15C2 24C04 eeprom - Immo
Renault Lucas DCU3R 95080 eeprom - Immo
Renault Sirius 32 1.2 8v / 1.4/1.6 16v flash - Immo
Seat Altea BOsch EDC16U1 eeprom - Immo
Toyota Yaris EDC17CP07 flash - Immo
Volkswagen 5WP 9356 eeprom - Immo
Volkswagen Passat EDC16U34 eeprom - Immo
Volkswagen Golf4 simos 3.3 9376 - Immo
Volkswagen MED9.1 eeprom - Immo
Volkswagen 5WP4 Simos 3PE 9376 eeprom - Immo
Volkswagen Polo ME 7.5.10 eeprom - Immo

ECU Reset Added
Alfa Mito Marelli 5SF8
Alfa Stelvio Bosch EDC17 C69 192k
Audi A1 Bosch AIRBAG mem 95320
Bmw Serie 2 Bosch EDC17 128k
Bmw Moto Bosch ME 17.2.4 192k
Bmw Moto R1200GS Bosch ME17.2
Bmw Moto Bosch ME 9.2 MPC5xxx
Citroen C3 Bosch EDC17 C60 192k
Citroen Jumper Siemens SID 208
Dacia Duster Bosch EDC17 C42
Fiat Marelli 6Fx mem 95320 - EEPROM RESTORE
Ford Focus Bosch EDC16 C34
Ford Transit Siemens SID 211 192k
Honda Civic Bosch MED17.9.3 192k
Hyundai i40 Bosch EDC17 192k
Hyundai i20 Delphi DCM 3.7 128k
Kia Soul Bosch EDC17 64k
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Bosch MEDC17.9 192k
Opel Mokka Delco E98
Opel Movano Siemens SID 310 192k
Suzuki S-Cross Bosch EDC17 C49 128k
Volkswagen New Beetle Siemens PCR 2.1
Volkswagen Up Bosch MED17.5.20 64k

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